16 may 2005

TheChild is on the mend – fever broken, spirits restored – but is now suffering from a bout of diarrhea that TheWife described as “apocalyptic”. I was in the shower when the first “incident” happened, but TheWife described it as follows:

She was standing next to me, then there was this “phhhhbbbbttt” noise, and then a SPLAT as it hit the back of the diaper. And then she said “toot”.

(Round about now is when people should be thanking their deity of choice that “smellcasts” haven’t been invented yet.)

Luckily, I got to go to work, but I’m told the rest of the day was pretty “incident” free – as was work, fortunately enough. Mainly a gnat-swatting day for me – knocking off a bunch of tiny things. Was planning on getting to a review, but ran out of time and headed home instead.