10 may 2005

Back to work. Spent a lot of the day shoveling out various inboxes, and wearing my manager hat: pinging on the status of projects, passing along tasks, greasing wheels, patching fences. One of my least favorite parts of the evolving situation that is my job.

Did get to take off the manager hat late in the day, and throw the programmer/designer hat on. My next big coding project is fixing up the FTP log rotation and analysis process in much the same way that I did for the web log rotation and analysis process. I started out thinking about the analysis part of the problem, and eventually realized that in order to be able to do anything there, I need to rework the rotation/archiving setup too. Yay scope creep. On the plus side, I think I have a way to use RSS to present stat information that should work pretty well for people, so that’s something.

Home to a very tired TheWife and a not-at-all tired TheChild. Sent the former to bed, and tried (without notable success) to get the latter to do the same. In between telling TheChild to lay down and go to sleep, I made a bunch of tweaks to FeastOnFeeds, and assembled about two pages worth of things I want to add. It’s a wide-ranging list (everything from “check all this crap into CVS already, dammit” to “implement parallelized feed downloads with Last-Modified-Since support” to “make the control panel frame less asstastic”); I think the next step is to break things down into “before the 0.1 release” and “after the 0.1 release” categories and see how quickly I can get something reasonably featureful pushed out. (And yes, there are about a kajillion things I should be working on other than foisting yet another RSS reader on the world, but doing that is more fun than the rest of that stuff, so phhhhttttbbbth.)