03 may 2005

Excellent day. Ploughed through a bunch of review-type stuff in the morning, and had a pretty good team meeting in the early afternoon. Was trying to figure out how to fill the last hour of the day when I decided to add RSS generation onto an web server error log parser that I’ve been working on. Things went incredibly smoothly (thank you, XML::RSS), and I had a mostly-working feed by the time I headed home. (Yes, I rock those 2001 technologies like that.)

More hacking on the feed generation stuff into the evening – invested a lot of effort trying to solve a problem that turned out to not be a problem at all; just my usual feed reader doing something unexpected (and stupid) when given a feed full of <item>s that all have the same <title>. Throwing a timestamp into the <title> sorted that problem out nicely.

On the non-RSS feed front: There was some concern over TheChild’s right eye at pre-school today – the teachers thought that it looked puffy, and that she was keeping it closed most of the day. By the time TheWife got there to pick her up, however, she really couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Neither could I, once I got home. We sent her off to bed with a dose of Benadyrl, on the general grounds of “maybe she got bit by something, and well, it can’t hurt”. We’ll see how she’s doing tomorrow.