30 mar 2005

Last day in NYC. Up and about in the morning, getting packed up. Loaded crap into the van, got the van put back in the garage, then checked out. Met up with TheWife and TheChild down on the show floor, then went to grab some lunch. Post-lunch, tried to get TheChild to take a nap – without any success to speak of.

Back to the show floor, to hang out, until the show ended. More hanging out after that, as the booth was torn down (while the show floor was being torn down all around it). Finally cut loose around 5pm. Stowed more crap in the van, then headed out for a last walk around, and a bit of Thai for dinner. Climbed into the van around 7pm, headed for the Lincoln Tunnel. Rolled into the garage at home just before midnight – good time, considering we stopped more than a couple of times.