28 mar 2005

Monday was a dreary sort of rainy day, so we thought a museum might be in order. We grabbed some breakfast, then cabbed up to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, only to find that it was closed for the day. Lacking anything better to do at that point, we decided to stroll back down to the hotel (the museum is in the west 80s, and our hotel was 53rd and 6th – so it was a decent walk).

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was time for TheWife to go on the clock. She went down to the trade show floor to help set up her company’s booth while TheChild and I grabbed a bit of a nap. Once we got up, we headed down to the show too. Monday night was the opening reception, so we hung out at the booth for a number of hours. Since TheChild has been to several of these shows (both national and regional), people drop by to see her, and she had a great time.

Post-show, we all went out to dinner, with TheWife’s boss, co-worker, and a couple of clients. TheWife and TheChild bugged out early (well, early in the evening, but rather late for TheChild), because TheChild was getting cranky. The boss, the co-worker, the clients, and I went out on the town, and it got pretty drunk out. Stumbled back to the hotel at around 3am (or so I’m informed…)