27 mar 2005

First real day in NYC. We slept in a bit, then got up for a nice walk around the town in search of breakfest. Found a place to eat, had a bite, then headed up to Central Park to visit the zoo. Walked around there for a while, visited the petting zoo, saw some animals, and then headed back into the city proper to find some lunch. Ended up at a little Chinese place, which is where we met up with Josh D.

After lunch, TheWife and TheChild headed back to the hotel for a nap, and Josh and I wandered over to MoMA. Wandered around there for a bit, then grabbed some coffee. Met back up with TheWife and TheChild after that, and headed over to a very nice Mexican place in Lincoln Center for an extremely tasty dinner. Walked back to the hotel after that, dropping Josh off at a subway stop along the way. Watched a couple episodes of The Wire on the laptop, then turned in.