26 mar 2005

On the road around 10am. Stopped for incredibly bad lunch at Jersey Turnpike rest stop. Into NYC around 3pm. Got sorted into the room, and then around 5pm headed out for some wandering around. We eventually figured out that TheWife and I had both eaten at an Irish bar just south of the park (Kennedy’s) on previous solo visits, and decided that we’d have dinner there together for once.

More walking around after that. Bought a mouse at CompUSA, because my trackpad was acting slightly flaky. Of course, once we got back to the room it was fine.

Down to the hotel bar for a drink while TheWife got TheChild down to sleep. Ended up dropping close to $25 for a Scotch – and just 18yo Glenmorangie, not anything particularly special. Long conversation with the bartender about the hotel owners jacking up prices and how stupid that was. Probably won’t be visiting the hotel bar any more this trip…

Back to the room to watch a couple DVDs on the laptop with TheWife, then bed.