half snow day

TheChild’s day care is on the same schedule as the local school district – that is, if school is out for weather, the day care is closed too. Around 4am this morning (judging from the timestamp on the email), the NWS was calling for 5 to 7 inches of snow today, so the local school district decided to shut down for the day. It’s interesting to note that at that point, no snow had actually fallen; that is, school was closed on the basis of a forecast. This is a not infrequent occurrence in these parts, which nevertheless manages to deeply shock my inner Midwesterner each and every time it happens.

Since TheWife has an appointment at the doctor, I’m taking at least a half-day off to hang at home with TheChild. If it actually starts to snow, that could very well turn into a whole day, but at this point, that seems unlikely: the forecast has already been downgraded to 3 to 5 inches, and there is yet to be any accumulation on any of the paved surfaces around our house. (My car has a wicked coating of snow, however; it may take several minutes to get the Saturn Of Doom in a road-worthy state.)

Anyway, I’m hoping to use the time to catch up on diary entries here and maybe clean out the link bag just a wee bit. We’ll see how much I get accomplished and how much I get distracted playing with TheChild…