24 Feb 2005

The local schools all closed (on the basis of a forecast calling for 5 to 7 inches of snow, which ended up being maybe three inches, at least around our house), which meant TheChild’s day care closed too. Since TheWife had an appointment at the doctor, and since the doctor’s office had canceled that appointment three times already, I ended up staying home in the morning. Since TheWife brought back lunch when she returned from her outing, it wasn’t until a little after 1pm that I headed into work, and almost 2pm when I got there – slow and steady wins the race in the snow, kids. I think I walked through the door at about the instant that the “two hour early dismissal” memo landed in everybody’s inbox. sigh Still put in a half day, and managed to get a thing or two done. Home around 7pm for a sedate evening.