20 Feb 2005

Slept in again, which was clearly tempting fate. Once I got up and around, found out that a production service had been offline at work for about twelve hours. Showered up quickly and went in to reboot things. The situation smells of incipent hardware failure – there’s no reason the machine should just be locking up, hard, and we’ve seen other Dell boxen do this before giving up the ghost entirely – but it’s going to be a PITA to straighten out, because there’s only two boxes providing this service, and one of them by itself can’t handle the hit rate. So first we’ve got to build a third machine for the service, so that we can have the potentially failing machine out of service long enough to run diagnostic software on it. yay

Book group meeting in the afternoon – the first I’d been able to make it to in a while. Had some nice discussion, although it seemed like nobody else had liked the book as much as I had. Back home around 8pm, in time to kiss TheChild on her way to bed and then watch a spot of TV with TheWife.