01 Feb 2005

Up at 7am. Didn’t work out, but otherwise had a fairly normal morning. Headed into work around 9am; arrived just after 9:30am.

Work was about as you’d expect after being out for almost a week. Got caught up on mail, tried to get caught up on gossip and politics and stuff that doesn’t make it into mail. Had the regular team meeting, which seemed to go… regularly. Really didn’t accomplish much else. Ducked out a bit early because I was teaching later in the evening.

Back home around 4:30pm. Fed the cats, reviewed my slides, and generally tried to relax a little bit. Headed to class around 5:30pm. Teaching seemed to go mostly okay. Wound down around 9pm. Headed for home, picking up some crap takeout on the way. Ate, watched a bit of TV, talked to TheWife (coming home tomorrow, yay). Crawled into bed around 10:30pm, but read for a while. Lights out around 11:30pm.