i wanna heart flickr

I really want to like Flickr. I like the idea, I like the tagging, I totally like the nice DHTML photo munging tools. What I don’t like is how poorly it fits into my photo work flow. Since none of their batch uploading tools runs under Linux, I’m faced with the choice of either uploading things one-by-one through a web interface (which is, frankly, asstacular), or copying everything over to the iBook just so I can use the batch uploader there. Neither of these fills me with joy.

Luckily, it seems Perl will, per usual, ride to the rescue. A recent Linux Gazette article discusses Flickr and Perl, and points to Flickr::Upload on CPAN. Now all I need to do is integrate that into the script that I use to download things off the camera, and we should be good to go…

(I dumped some new photos into my photostream tonight, by the way.)