25 Jan 2005

Woke up around 7am, feeling like I was coming down with something. Was more accurate than I realized. Bit of playing with TheChild before heading into work. Her “woof” sometimes changes into something that sounds quite a bit like “giga-woof”. (Clearly, this is a very large woof.)

Relatively normal work day. Lots of small face-to-face meetings for some reason, and consequently less productive work time. Got a call in the afternoon from TheWife. She’d had a lunch meeting in Delaware, and had taken sick on the way there. She soldiered on through the meeting, but now, on her way back home, she wasn’t sure she was up to watching TheChild in the evening. She was still going to fetch her from day care, but she wanted to be sure I was going to be there to meet them when they got home.

That pretty much stopped the remainder of my day in its tracks; I tidied up some loose threads and then headed for home. Made it there slightly before TheWife and TheChild arrived. Once they got home, TheWife headed for bed, and TheChild and I played for a bit. We had some dinner, and then I got TheChild ready for bed and got her to sleep.

Rest of the evening was very quiet -- was starting to feel not that great myself. Bed at 10:30am.