24 Jan 2005

Up at around 6am to start the work-week. Usual morning nonsense, culminating in a dreary commute. Either my washer fluid is staying frozen for a very long time, or I’m out; either way, I spent too much time looking at the road through streaks of crusted snow salt on the way into work.

Paid the expected price for my time off last week: the whole day mostly went to mail catchup and pinging people about things on my WaitingFor list. Did manage to get caught back up and slightly ahead of the game, at least in terms of knowing what I’m going to be doing tomorrow. (Meetings, it looks like. Lots and lots of meetings, where I will try to explain to people that what they think they want to do, they don’t actually want to do. Glee.)

Home around 9pm, with a bagful of Taco Bell, since I hadn’t yet had dinner. Just slid in under the wire on getting to say “good night” to TheChild (“woof”, she said in a I’m-not-really-tired-but-Mom-says-it’s-bedtime sort of voice), ate my take-out crap, watched some TV with TheWife (Buffy season 7 is shaping up to be quite the thing), and then collapsed into bed after a tiny bit more work on slapping the new email setup into shape.

Lights out around 11pm.