23 Jan 2005

Up at 8:45am, because TheWife was out getting bagels and TheChild decided it was time for her to get up. Got her dressed, and about the time we got downstairs, TheWife arrived back home. Family breakfast ensued. At one point during the festivities, I said something along the lines of “mumble bumble bastards!” – I don’t remember my exact words, just that they included an emphatic “bastards” towards the end. TheChild immediately said something along the lines of “basta!”, which earned me a rather disapproving look from TheWife. The dark side of our current language explosion adventure has presented itself, I think.

There was a play-date scheduled for the morning (the real reason for the bagel fetching – they were for the guests, not me), so after breakfast I beat a hasty retreat back up to my office. The plan was to work on the mail/emacs conversion, but there was a bit of mission creep, and I ended up mostly totally re-arranging the directory layout scheme in my home directory at the same time, as well as switching window managers and several other things that weren’t, strictly speaking, really directly associated with the goal. All in all, it worked out – mostly. I ended up not doing a weekly review, due to lack of time, but last week was a really strange week, and I didn’t do one at work either, so I think I’ll be okay just letting most things slide until next week. We shall see.

By the end of the evening, I’d gotten functionally back to where I was when I started, with some small gains to show for my trouble. All in all, not a complete waste of time, and hopefully it will begin to show bigger gains as time goes on.

Bed around 23:30.