22 Jan 2005

Up around 9:30am, to about a half-inch of snow. Headed out pretty early and scoped that up, then headed to the grocery store to pick up a prescription and get some saline for TheChild’s nasty dried-out cracked nostrils. Store was madness. Waited in line for over half an hour, thinking the whole time about how easy it would be to steal the $2.50 bottle of saline spray. Eventually got checked out, grabbed coffee for myself and TheWife, and headed for home.

Rest of the day was pretty quiet: lots of work on the upcoming mail/emacs switch, punctuated with snow-shoveling and the occasional nap. All told, we ended up getting around 4 or 5 inches – not nearly the “blizzard” that we were led to expect, but a decent one-day for this area.

Bed around 12:30am.