21 Jan 2005

Up at 5:30am, despite having the day off work. Worked out, did most of my normal morning thing, then roused TheChild around 7:45am, and got her ready for her day. Dressed her, fed her, bundled her up, and headed out the door around 8:45am.

Dropped TheChild off at day care around 9:15am. Hung out in a nearby coffee shop, reading and enjoying a nice big latte, until about 10:30am. Apple store after that (didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without, but apparently the Minis were being put out until Saturday), lunch at Legal Seafood, and then back home. Did some work in the afternoon, gearing up for the big mail/emacs switch-over. Grabbed a brief 30 minute nap, then went to pick up TheChild.

Got back home and hung out with TheChild. Ordered a pizza for dinner, and then ate a goodly amount of it. Got TheChild ready for bed, and then read her stories until TheWife arrived back home. Let TheWife put her the rest of the day to sleep.

TV with TheWife after that, then a bit more work, then bed, around 12:30am.