20 Jan 2005

Up at 6:30am. Worked out, read some mail, tried to do a bit of work. Helped get TheChild ready, and then the whole family was out the door around 8:45am.

We dropped TheChild off at day care – a dry run for me, since I’d never done it before at this day care. Tomorrow I solo. Hung out at a coffee shop for a bit after that. Found out that our 11am closing was going to be delayed because the bank hadn’t got the paperwork completed.

Drove into Bethesda. Stopped at NIH to reboot a server that had crashed. Didn’t really need to get it back up, but since we were there and had the time to kill…

Into Bethesda proper next. Parked at the settlement attorneys’ office and walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch. During lunch, got the call confirming that we were on for 1pm. Finished up lunch and walked back to the offices. Signed a great number of papers. About a third of the way through, as the attorney was out of the room getting some things copied, I picked up his notary signature stamp to get a look at it, and noticed that it said “Commission expires 5 Jan 2005”. TheWife and I joked about this a bit, and when he came back in, I pointed it out to him – thinking it was probably no big deal, he’d grabbed the old stamp by mistake or something. No, it turned out he’d missed his renewal notice (due to a move) and his notary commission really was invalid! Lucky thing I caught that; otherwise I’m sure we’d by going back to sign more stuff…

Finished up with the paperwork around 2pm. Grabbed some more coffee, and headed for home. TheWife and I worked away in our respective offices for a couple of hours, then went back to retrieve TheChild from the day care (another dry run for me). We were back home for about 30 minutes before deciding to go out for dinner. We tried a new-to-us Italian joint up in Germantown. The appetizer was okay (‘eh’ calamari; good fried cheese), the salads and sides were ‘eh’ too, but the entrees were magnificent. I’m not sure how frequently we’ll go back, given the prices.

Home again after that. TheChild got a bath, I did a bit of work, and then after TheChild went to bed, TheWife and I watched some TV. Bed around 11pm, on account of needing to get up early tomorrow.