17 Jan 2005

Up at 6:45am. Decided that the hiatus from exercise had gone on long enough, so part of the morning was spent on the bike. Yay, soreness. Slowly spun up to speed after that.

Headed into work around 11am. Had some things to catch up on, and some work that I didn’t feel like doing with a bunch of other people around (specifically, tearing my keyboard apart and cleaning it up). Got most of what I went in for done, and lunch besides.

Arrived back home at around 5pm, bearing coffee. (TheWife had placed an emergency latte call earlier in the afternoon.) Put in some work on the emacs re-org before dinner.

After dinner, watched a spot of TV, then crawled up into the office and tried to work on a bit of this and some of that. Hung out in #43f and basked in the productivity.

Bed at 11:45pm.