16 Jan 2005

Up at 9:15am. Got a few things done in the morning. Talked into shopping/lunch outing in the afternoon. Bought quad rule index cards in a variety of sizes. Far, far too excited about that.

Geeked out more on the great mail/emacs re-org project in the afternoon. Freeping creaturitis stage has been reached with that project, I fear. Also had TV time in the afternoon, while TheChild napped. This contributed to a general “off” feeling for the whole day.

Post-dinner, struggled with trying to do the home weekly review. Didn’t quite manage it. Ended up creating #43f in a paroxysm of procrastination. (That would be an excellent band/blog name, by the way.) We’re on irc.freenode.net; drop by sometime.

Bed at 12:45am.