14 Jan 2005

Up at 7:30am. Really getting back in to the increasing wakeup time pattern. Woke up to a sick and cranky child. Feverish, clingy, and generally unhappy. TheWife returned to bed to try to cuddle her back to sleep.

Into work around 10am. Had an uninspired day – good intentions, but kept getting sidetracked, and found it increasingly difficult to force myself back into a productive mode. Updates over the course of the day let me know that TheChild had eventually (after several more hours of sleep) returned to her normal self. The morning fever was chalked up to yet more two-year molar fun.

Met TheWife and TheChild for dinner in Bethesda after work, then returned to the office. I hadn’t finished the work weekly review yet, and I really didn’t want to break that habit so early in the new year. (Plus next week is super-short, and if I’d skipped this review, I’d have a real chance of entering February three weeks out of day and completely out of control.)

Home around 10:30pm. Watched a bit of TV with TheWife, then retired to my office to read comics and plot mail configuration updates. Bed around 1am.