13 Jan 2005

Up at 7am. Starting to slip back into the pattern of the ever-increasing wake-up time, it seems. I’m sure that’ll get better next week, when I start up the exercise thing again.

Into work at 10am. Fairly typical day – spent a lot of it head-down, working on one thing or another. Came up for air periodically to slay email. Kind of ran out of time at the end of the day; wanted to finish something up and had to choose between that and going home for dinner. Picked the latter.

Home around 7:20pm. Actually missed dinner; TheChild was having a weird bit of crankiness. (And there was stuff involving the bad poop that I won’t get into.) So I ended up eating dinner by myself while TheWife got TheChild settled down for the night. Then we made some coffee, and watched some TV. After that, I was really hyper, and a bit random (and I can’t imagine why that would be), but I harnessed that to good purpose, flying through all the remaining email that I had to deal with, and finally reaching the holy grail, the completely empty email inbox. Although ‘inbox’ is a strange word, because I filter the hell out of my mail, which means I have about 300 “inboxes”, if by that you mean a folder that might catch new incoming mail. Whatever you call it, it’s all empty.

Still wasn’t ready to go to bed, so I started planning the next stage of my mail transformation plan. Right now I use a program to poll my various accounts, which dumps the mail through filters (spam and otherwise), and then writes it to disk on my main workstation. Eventually, I’d like to move all that mail collection to the secondary server, and have it dumping things to a local IMAP server, which can then be polled via a variety of mail readers. The IMAP server is set up and working; the next step is spending about a week dinking around with the configuration of my mail reader. (There’s more of a technical rationalization for it, but that’s pretty much what it boils down to: I’m an obsessive mail geek, and I’m going to geek out tweaking my uber-geeky mail reading program until it’s perfect.)

Bed around 1am. Laid there and listened to the pouring rain outside; still a bit twitchy. Can’t imagine why.