12 Jan 2005

Up at 6:40am. yawn Morning seemed to really slip away from me, and I’ve got no idea why, where it went, or what I was doing for all that time.

A fairly foggy drive into work got me there around 10am. Had a moderately productive morning, but the weekly systems/developer pow-wow was murderous. Put in another couple hours afterwards, finishing up the things I’d started in the morning, and then finally staggered out around 6:30pm.

Home just after 7pm, in time for dinner, but feeling completely wiped. Had coffee after dinner – never a good idea – and watched some TV with TheWife. Post-TV, didn’t feel really tired (gosh, wonder why?), and so I caught up on some more mail. Pretty much everything I was saving to potentially reply to has either been archived or actually replied to. Now I’m down to about 75 mails in the READ-REVIEW folder – newsletters, mailing list summaries, stuff like that. If I can plow though that in the next couple of days, I can spend the weekend transitioning to the shiny new IMAP server I set up a couple of weekends ago. Hell, I might even have time to get my leafnode server back online! w00t

Wound down and went to bed around 12:30am.