10 Jan 2005

Up at 6:30am, and not too happy about it. With one thing and then another, didn’t make it into work until 9:45am. At least the traffic wasn’t bad today.

I suspect the theme for this week is going to be: “next week is only three days”. We’re all about the optimism, you see. Actually, it wasn’t that bad a day; it just wasn’t that great a day either.

Home around 7pm, right in time for dinner. Continued to dink around with the old laptop after that – the wireless worked okay in the installer, but I was having trouble figuring out which driver to use once I booted into the real thing. Gave up around 9:30pm and watched some TV. Post-TV, “just a little” dinking around with the laptop turned into an hour of futzing around. Eventually figured out that the problem was a slightly incorrect config file, which was preventing the proper driver from building. Fixed that, rebooted, and BAM, we were on the network.

Also in the "gettin' shit to work" column, I was able to script a Flickr upload. Now I just need to tie it into the script that I use to download the pictures off the camera. And then...

Bed around midnight.