09 Jan 2005

I may have discovered the perfect way to start a day. It involves about 10 hours of I-was-slightly-buzzed-therefore-slept-deeply sleep, a half-pot of coffee, an Internet radio station streaming hardcore trance, and the Sunday paper.

Rest of the day not quite perfect, but still pretty darn good. Continued to work on laptop reinstall. Finished with the office closet cleanout. Worked with TheWife to set up a common office supply area – which was the project that kicked off the office closet cleanup in the first place. Given that we’re both office supply crackheads. sorting through everything (and distinguishing ‘ours’ from ‘MINE!’) was no mean feat. And now that it’s done, we realize that we never really need to buy staples, paper clips, or pens ever again.

Relatively calm evening, although TheChild started to melt down just a wee bit – but it was right before her bedtime, so things mostly worked out. TheWife and I had our TV ration after that, and then dove right back into getting stuff done. She’s been working on cleaning out the basement (or portions of the basement), which means that sooner or later she’s going to finish, and I’m going to have to tackle my parts. sigh

Bed around 1am. Back to work tomorrow. Glee.