08 Jan 2005

Up at 8am, and right back into the office cleanup project. Had a couple of hours to myself, as TheWife and TheChild both decided to sleep in. Eventually they got up, and a while after that, we had lunch and/or breakfest, accordingly. TheWife had a number of afternoon errands to run, so TheChild and I ended up hanging out at home. In between playing, I worked on an old PII laptop I’d dug out, eventually getting it to work with a spare wireless PCMCIA card. As soon as I figure out what to do with it (tricky – zero battery life, not enough power to run X…), I’m sure the time spent building it will pay off.

TheWife rolled in around 4pm; I rolled out around 4:30pm, to the Metro station. Hit the ATM at NIH, and then continued on down to Dupont Circle, to the Brickseller, for DC-SAGE SIG-Beer. Had an enjoyable couple of geeky hours there, then staggered on back to the Metro. Arrived back home around 11pm; caught some TV with TheWife. Bed around 12:30am.