07 Jan 2005

Up at 8am; morning stuff; into work at 10am. It ended up being an okay work day, but only because I figured out the answer to the problem that I’d been beating my head on all week. I also managed to do a weekly review, right on schedule. Yay me. Overall, this was a shite week, so it was nice to end on an up note.

After work, met TheWife and TheChild for dinner, followed by a visit to a book store (with coffee!). Home around 8pm, where miscellaneous dinking around in the office turned into cleaning out the office closet – something that was on the list to do, but certainly wasn’t a priority. Took a brief TV break around 10pm, but returned to the cleaning effort after that. By the time I started to wind down (around 1am), I’d made quite a mess.

messy office messy office messy office messy office