05 Jan 2005

Up at 6:30am. Normal morning stuff; nothing too exciting. “Nothing too exciting” was pretty much the theme for the day. Did a couple of work things from home, then headed off to a slow rainy commute.

Into work at 10am, give or take. Again, the key phrase: “nothing too exciting”.

Met TheWife, TheChild, and D for some Thai in Bethesda. Afterwards, TheWife and TheChild headed for home, and D. and I got some coffee before walking back to get my car at NIH. Arrived back home around 8pm. Hung out for a bit; general laptop-ness ensued. We opened D’s gifts to us (D having opened his gift from us some days ago.), and then I headed to bed early, figuring it might be interesting to see what it felt like to get more than 5 hours of sleep for a change.