04 Jan 2005

Up at 6am. Probably ill-advised, given when I went to bed, but that’s when I woke up. Did the usual morning nonsense. Despite my best intentions, didn’t end up leaving the house until 9:15am or so. Mornings always seem to run away from me; I’m not sure if that’s because I’m just groggy and not focused enough, or if I’m trying to cram in too much stuff before going to work.

Ran through Office Despot on the way in, and picked up a labeler for work, the makings of a tickler file (also for work), and some miscellaneous stuff for home. I {heart} office supplies; they’re like crack, only they make you think you’re going to be more organized and productive.

Into work just before 10am. Spent the majority of the day processing mail items – I went from 132 outstanding items down to zero. Go me. Also had time to make a sweep over all the open tickets in the ticketing system; closed 5 or 6 and prodded a few others along. Only other item of note was the first Linux team meeting of the new year, which was pretty uneventful.

Ended up working late again, partially because of volume, and partially because I had to run out to Dulles to pick up D. Due to not paying attention, we missed the exit from the Toll Road back onto the Beltway, which resulted in seeing more of NoVa than was planned. Finally got home around 10:15pm. Chatted with D. and TheWife for a bit, peeked in at TheBaby – sleeping fitfully after an unhappy day of cutting molars – and spent another couple of hours catching up on home stuff and trying to organize some thoughts about some things I’ve finally realized about GTD and mail, based on this most recent trip through the “throw everything in a pile; process it one item at a time” gauntlet. Hopefully I can finalize that and post it shortly; hopefully it will make sense to somebody other than me.

Bed around 1am.