03 Jan 2005

Staggered out of bed around 6:30am, and found that the install on the Ultra10 had completed. Celebrated by building a kernel while looking to see what showed up in the feed reader overnight. First attempts at getting the video drivers right were unsuccessful – we hates the nasty frame buffer, we does – and eventually I had to get ready to go to work.

It was a bit of an unusual morning for TheChild, as she started pre-school today. That means she’ll actually have to get up at a regular time. First morning of that new regimen seemed to go okay. I got reports at the various stages of the process – post-dropoff, post-pickup, etc. – and it sounds like she really enjoyed going. Hopefully being with a decent-sized group of peers (as opposed to a couple of other younger kids) will be interesting and stimulating for TheChild. Because she’s just starting out, the staff suggested a half-day, and that seems to have been a good idea: TheWife reports that she pretty much collapsed into a nap the second she got home.

I got into work around 10am, and spent the next 10 hours (roughly) doing the same sort of “gathering” stuff that I did all day Sunday. By the end of the day, I had most everything processed into my system, and I’d even managed to do a thing or two along the way. Now I just have to tackle the mail pile. Celebrated by buying a Moleskine notebook. Initial impression: it’s easy to see why office supply geeks and stationary nerds fetishize them.

Got back home around 10:30pm. Got the Ultra10 kernel mess straightened out, and kicked off the next stage of the install process -- building some software to make the machine actually do something useful. Along the way, ordered some stuff from Thinkgeek to use up my penultimate gift certificate. Also had TheWife measure me for what I'm buying with my last gift certificate. Need to order that tomorrow. Also put some more "gathering" energy into the home system; that pile is almost gone. Yay.

As we were headed to bed (shortly after midnight), TheWife checked TheChild and found that she was running a mild fever -- something that's happened a couple of times in the past week. She's also had the stinky poops and been generally sort of lethargic, so we're thinking she's cutting her two-year molars. We dosed her up with some acetaminophen, and TheWife starting giving her a bit of nursing comfort. Not being able to help out in that department, I just hit the sack -- lights out around 12:30am.