01 Jan 2005

Technically, since it was before I went to bed, I’d count it as 31 Dec 2004, but it was pretty cool, so it bears mentioning: one of my resolutions last year was te quit caffeine – I was putting away way too much soda on a daily basis. I had my last Coke sometime in the afternoon of the 31st of December, 2003, and all though 2004 I didn’t have any caffeinated soda or coffee at all – not a drop. (I did keep eating chocolate, so I guess I was getting trace amounts that way. shrug) After the first couple of weeks, quitting wasn’t that bad; I never did have huge withdrawal symptoms – but despite that, as the days have been winding down towards the end of the year, I’ve really been looking forward to having some coffee again. TheWife was well aware of this – I’d been cursing her wanton coffee consumption for a week or more – so she programmed our coffee maker to start brewing a pot at 12:01am. Consequently, I started the new year with a cuppa, which laid down nicely on top of the thirty year old Laphroig I’d been sipping up to that point.

With my first cup of coffee in a year at midnight, it’s not much surprise that I had trouble getting to sleep when I went to bed around 1am. Eventually, I dropped off, and didn’t crawl out of bed until almost 11am. After getting my morning absolutions out of the way, the first order of business was to visit Office Despot and buy some twine, so that I could bundle up the 2004 magazines and store them in the basement. The whole family ended up going along, and after the shopping, we had a bit of lunch.

Once we got back home, it turned out to be family nap time, at least for an hour or so. Once everybody got back up, I headed into my office and started a’bundling on the magazine piles. That was followed by some miscellaneous mucking around in my office coughPlayStationcough, which lasted until dinner time.

After dinner, TheWife got TheChild down to sleep in short order, and then the two of us watched Jersey Girl – an okay flick, but below Kevin Smith’s usual level, I thought. We had enjoyed another pot of coffee during the movie, so afterwards I was ready to get some work done.

I’ve been mostly ignoring my todo lists for the last couple of weeks, because of the holiday, and I’ve also been thinking about making some major changes in the way I’m implementing GTD (things like splitting home and work into distinct sets of lists, rather than having them all together). Because of that, I spent several hours doing what amounted to the “gathering” phase that people go through when starting GTD. At the same time, I was trying to get an aging Ultra10 with a Gentoo install back on its feet – which long periods of waiting for things to run, leavened with micro-bursts of shell incantations. Finally, around 3:30am, the “gathering” wound down at about the same point that the Gentoo resuscitation hit a lengthy plateau of waiting. I saw my chance and headed for bed.