comics from this week

Ultimate Fantastic Four 11: First half of the first FF/Doom battle. Best panel: the close-up reaction shot of Ben Grimm right before Doom bazooka’s him through a wall.

Astonishing X-Men: It’s just twist after twist in this one. (Still annoyed about the new Beast look, though.)

Ultimate Elektra 2: It’s still early days, but I’m not exactly warming to this title. Can’t quite figure out why, either.

Ex Machina 4: This title, on the other hand, I am warming to. Vaughan is once again proving that he can take a gimmicky concept and keep it interesting.

Runaways 18: Concluding issue of this run (apparently it’ll get re-launched next year). I really liked how this book started out, but wasn’t terribly impressed by the wrapup.

Conan 8: Conan meets The Wonder Years.