comics from this week

I’ve got a whole stack of comics on my desk that I’ve been intending to get to, but I don’t think that’s going to happen – so I’m just going to give you what I picked up this week, and see if I can stay on the horse for a bit longer this time.

Ultimate Nightmare 2: Ellis continues scene-setting here, bringing in the Ultimate version of somebody I don’t recognize (john->geek_points–), and getting all his pieces in order for the action, which by all looks will be starting in the next issue.

Wanted 5: Millar has a great story here, and it’s great fun rooting for the bad guys against the badder guys, but damn I wish issues would come out more often than once every six months… Looks like this is the penultimate issue, complete with the ObTwistCliffHangerEnding.

Strange 1: Picked this up on a lark, as the previous two were the total of my pulls this week, and that seemed a bit light. Plus I saw “Straczynski” on the cover, so it seemed like a safe bet. After reading it, there’s potential here; the question is if he’ll be able to hold my interest, as I’ve never been a big Dr. Strange fan.