43 folders has a posse google group

If you haven’t heard of it yet, there’s a chance you’re the last person to hear about 43 Folders, a weblog devoted to talking about organizational strategy sorts of things – Getting Things Done, Lifehacks, etc., etc. It’s got an OS X-y flavor, but if you close your eyes and squint it’s really just Unix, right?

Anyway, what you might not know is that the author just started a Google Group for the weblog. Since I’ve already got about five of his posts squirreled away in my del.icio.us ‘readme’ slot, I subscribed to the group already (it’s giving me a chance/excuse to actually try out the Gmail interface, which I’ve only played with in a very limited fashion up to this point). If you’re one of those crazy GTD people, you might want to come join up too.