craziness continues

Going to smush several entries worth of stuff all together into one in the name of laziness efficiency.

CfEngine talk slides are up. Talk went okay, I guess, although if I had to do over again I’d shift things around a bit. If anybody in the DC area wants to hear me give this talk, drop me a line and we’ll work something out. (Thanks to Jessamyn for the CSS template.)

Went into sheep mode and joined and flickr. Digging the former; still unsure about the latter. (For those of you not in the loop, is a way of sharing bookmarks, and flickr is a way of sharing photos.). So here’s a pointer to my stream and my flickr stream. There are a couple pictures of TheChild in the Flickr stream. The thing that is keeping me from being more enthusiastic about flickr is the uploading interface, which is the suck. The desktop-based batch upload tools, which would presumably fix this problem, don’t come in a Linux flavor. Ho hum.

The iBook is back in the shop – for the third time – with the infamous flaky iBook video problem. I am in the “blessed” serial number range to get into the logic board replacement program, so hopefully this will be the last time that it’s in the shop. Taking it into the Apple store was an ordeal adventure all in itself. Lurking somewhere in the dark corners of Apple culture is a sociology thesis or two on what sort of dynamic you’re setting up for your customers when you make them interact with people whose jobs titles are “genius”. Grr.

Late last week, got told that the Bioperl class might not happen, due to low enrollment. Spent a couple of days in a disappointed-but-relieved sort of space, because this meant I was no longer on the line to work my ass off for the next 3 to 4 months. Found out Friday afternoon that the class was back on, which plunged me right back into the ass-on-the-line fire. Looks like there will be 6 or 7 students, and the first lecture is coming together. The current plan of attack involves getting a week or two ahead over the long weekend, and then staying there over the course of the semester. That should be doable.

Diary script still broken. Will be fixed at some point. Patience appreciated.

Finally, I’ve got a few gee-m@il invites; drop me a line if you need one. (The funky spelling is an attempt to prevent people swooping in via Google searches…)