comics from this week

And this entry catches me up – w00t.

30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow 5: Templesmith’s art remains as startling as ever.

Powers 2: Pilgrim seems like she’s going to crack at any moment, and Walker knows more than he’s letting on about the new Retro Girl (Neo Girl?) Nice tension builder of an issue.

Conan 6: Conan escapes from Hyperborea, by the skin of his teeth.

The Losers 14: Most of this issue is one long running firefight – actually, most of this series is one long running firefight – but there’s a bit of plot development at the end. This series seems to have slowed down a bit from its original barn-burning pace, but it’s still a pretty interesting read.

Astonishing X-Men 3: X-Men. Whedon. What else do you want? (Art by Cassaday ain’t hurtin’ nothin’, either.)

Planetary 20: Double Cassaday this week, which is more than enough reason to celebrate – plus you get Ellis tossing in twenty-seven crazy unrelated mindblowing ideas in too.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 9: Double Ellis this month too. He continues to be dead-on in this book – I want that center panel on the seventh page, the one with pissed-off Ben Grimm saying “We’re the scary kids”, on a t-shirt.

Powers 6: The Sellouts TPB: Now that I’ve read this, a lot of stuff in the first two issues of the current “Powers” run make a lot more sense. This is probably the best of the six “Powers” collections.