comics from three weeks ago

Seriously behind on the comics review; trying to catch up before picking up this week’s haul…

Supreme Power 11: Straczynski’s retelling of Squadron Supreme (itself a bit of a rip of Justice League, from what I understand) gets seriously odd this month, as the Wonder Woman-analogue beds the Superman-analogue and then reveals herself to be a bit tetched in the head. I’m curious to see where this one is going to go.

Y: The Last Man 24: This book started off with a bang – good writing, inventive concept – but it’s starting to feel a bit stale to me. I think I’m getting frustrated with the slow dragging out of the “why did all the men die?” plot thread.

B.P.R.D. 5: The ‘Plague of Frogs’ storyline wraps up in a suitable convoluted fashion, tying back into one of the earliest Hellboy tales. Excellently executed.

Powers 1: Same Powers book, different imprint. Walker and Pilgrim, reunited, in a world where Powers are outlawed – so only the outlaws have Powers. (Gun control allegory, anyone?)

WildCATS Version 3.0 23: I hear this book is getting canceled, which is a bit of a relief – because it saves me from having to make the “do I keep reading this?” decision. I really liked the earlier issues of this series, but the last few months, with the “Grifter in a female cyborg body blowing shit up” storyline, have been particularly poor.

Liberty Meadows Sourcebook: 90% stuff that’s been released before, but I’m a big Cho fanboy.

Fables: Storybook Love TPB: Excellent stuff, with a classically played cliffhanger at the end. And it’s got Mouse Police!

Ultimate Spiderman 10 TPB: Given that the primary event tying this book together is a movie about Spiderman, featuring Doc Ock, the whole thing felt a bit too “meta” for my taste – but it’s still an entertaining read.