this week's comic haul

In no particular order... (well, actually, in the order they ended up in after reading...)

Ex Machina #1: Brian "Y: The Last Man" Vaughan takes on the story of an ex-superhero who rides his fame into the New York City Mayor's office. Some interesting setup and what looks like it's going to be a fascinating story -- Vaughan's work on "Y" has proven that he can set 'em up and knock 'em down. Also worth picking up for the heart-wrenching last full-page panel.

PVP 7: The "Francis gropes Jade" storyline from the well-known web comic.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 7: The first Warren Ellis-penned issue -- mainly Dr. Doom setup, but also delves into Sue and Reed dealing with the aftermath of their transformations. Easiest way to tell it's Ellis: Sue calling Reed a "butthat".

The Authority 13: Continuing the long slow slide into "why am I still reading this?" with the time travel shark-jump. yawn

Runaways 16: Another Vaughan title. The identity of the "mole" within the group is finally revealed, and the scene is set for some sort of conclusion. Not sure what the long-term future for this book is, and looking forward to seeing what Vaughan pulls out of his hat next.

Seaguy 2: Grant Morrison is one weird dude. Fitting for the middle of a three-parter, this issue moves the plot along, fills in a few more blanks in the world, and gives Morrison ample opportunity for more acid-flashback-inspired freakshow. Ends on a bit of a down note.

I also picked up the 24 hour comics book, but I haven't finished reading it just yet -- I've found that if I sit down and try to read big chunks at a stretch, I burn out quickly, so I'm sort of crawling through it.