gnu emacs multi-tty support

A while back, I tried switching to GNU Emacs. In general, I liked it okay, and a number of things were easier to deal with (because it seems most of the stuff I use in emacsen is written with GNU Emacs in mind, and then ported slowly and fitfully to XEmacs). I ended up switching back to XEmacs, though, because I couldn't use GNU Emacs in the way I wanted to: with one master process running all the time, and me popping up frames when and where I wanted withgnuclient.

Recently, I discovered that somebody was adding multi-TTY support to GNU Emacs. This morning, I downloaded the project's Arch repository, and built the tree. Initial tests have confirmed that I can now use GNU Emacs just like XEmacs -- a master process running a server, and other processes connecting to that from terminals and X. This is pretty cool. "Convert back to GNU Emacs" goes onto the todo list now, I think.