life hacks

It's too bad there's been so little movement on LifeHacks (Danny O'Brien's "catalog the working habits of the alpha geeks" project) -- the only thing I can find is Cory Doctorow's notes from the talk at the ORA Emerging Tech show. (This ties into my recent obsession.)

Also tying into that same meta-topic is the digital colophon thing that is making the rounds -- started by diveintomark; aand first seen by me at whump. Just for fun, here's my list:

Gentoo Linux on the desktops and the servers; Mac OS X on the laptop (converting the laptop to dual-boot Gentoo is on the todo list...)
XEmacs, with the occasional GNU Emacs flirtation. Oh, and I'll drop into vim in a shell session in a heartbeat, to tweak a file, but you won't find me doing anything serious with it.
Note Taking
I occasionally use KNotes (the KDE "sticky note" app), but I'm more likely to grab an actual piece of paper to scrawl something on.
Web Server
Konqueror on the desktop, Firefox on the laptop
fetchmail + procmail + SpamAssassin + Gnus
Feed reader
Don't use one at the moment, but I'm thinking about trying out rss2email and seeing how it fits into my work flow

Other tools I would be seriously lost without: ssh, rsync, perl, bash, GNU keyring.

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