jumping ship

Because of the noise over recent MT licensing change(s), I've been hearing a lot of collateral buzz about different pieces of blog software. I ended up taking a look at Blosxom late last week, and I seem to have fallen deeply in like -- maybe even <whisper>love</whisper>.

It's mainly the feature set that's making me happy: pretty much the same interface as the stuff I was working on, more extensible, and a good-sized library of plugins already written. Writing extensions is trivial -- I've already written one, four days in. I'll probably still hack on the blogtool I was working on -- or, more likely, port features from it to Blosxom plugins -- but I when I migrate away from MT, it will be to Blosxom, not my DIY engine.

I've been dinking away at this since last Friday. I've got my templates ported, the comments plugin is working (although I'm considering rewriting it), I wrote a random images plugin because I couldn't find one I liked, and all my MT entries have been exported and parsed and are ready to be converted into Blosxom entries. (This post, even, is starting life as a Blosxom entry; I'll copy it into MT when I'm done.) Looking at my TODO list, the only major things remaining are "get search working" and "port rest of site to new template", which hopefully shouldn't take much more than this week to get wrapped up. (There are other things on there too -- most notably "port older archives" -- but they're not showstoppers.)

Anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying that things are going to get quiet for a few days around here, due to all spare energy going towards The Change. See you on the flip side.