Another one from the stone age...

The on-going culling of the Wired back issues continues to yield interesting bits:

Death To Newsgroups
by Andrew C. Bulhak

Usenet is in trouble. Newcomers must choose an appropriate newsgroup -- if one exists -- from some 8,000. In addition, the system is easily abused; an unscrupulous advertiser can flood thousands of newsgroups, wasting bandwidth and disk space.

The solution? Get rid of newsgroups. Articles can be kept in one large pool and called up with word searches. To post an article, just throw it into the ocean -- the reader's software will fish it out. If you desire a speciality forum, you can create a virtual newsgroup by naming it, as with IRC channels; it will last as long as people use it. Since all posts are kept in one pool, spamming is eliminated.

Sounds far-fetched? The technology exists, and DEC's Alta Vista search engine provides a preview.

Wired, June 1996, p. 124

It seems like Google+blogosphere is damn near what the author was talking about. Good job it's done in all the spamming, eh?

(The author appears (unsurprisingly) to have a weblog. Whee.)