yet more class stuff

Prompted by Dan's post about planner.el, I've started playing around with some local wiki stuff, which is (hopefully) going to morph into a data store for the Bioperl class. Until then, I'll keep sticking stuff up here...

  • Mike Gunderloy's new book Coder To Developer looks like it could be of interest, but has a pretty heavy Windows focus, judging from the ToC
  • Intro to GNU screen. screen is one of those "how did I live without this?" programs that everybody that works in a Unix-like environment should know about. (Yes, you too, Mac heads.)
  • What do you get when you stick the various Perl IO modules in a blender with the "DWIM" dial turned up to 11? IO::All, one of those "damn, if this was installed by default and I remembered it, it would make my life so much easier" sorts of things.