Caucus Coaching

My butt is firmly planted in the Big Red Couch of Doom, the TV is on, and I'm bouncing around the web, hitting various political sites. (I keep returning to ValueJudgment and DailyKos...) Occasional pings to the 2004 Caucus leaderboard are showing that they don't have any data yet.

So far, this is what I have determined: Tucker Carlson is Teh Suck, and nobody really knows much of anything at this point. More thoughts later, perhaps.

Update Christ, I wish these people would stop talking about how cold it is in Iowa. They just pointed out that it's -1 in Des Moines (with the wind chill). I lived in Iowa for four years -- -1 isn't all that cold, okay? Geez.

Right now, about 9pm EST, results are running Kerry, Edwards, Dean, with Dean rather weaker than expected. Most of the precincts reporting appear to be on the small side, however, based on the number of precincts reporting versus the attendence.

New Hampshire is going to be interesting.

Update #2: I thought Edwards had the best post-caucus speech, despite being long on fuzzy plans and short on details. Kerry was boring, and Dean was, well, Dean was a bit scary. (Less scary on second viewing, but still not good.) Time for bed, I think -- the New Hampshire fun will start tomorrow.