fuck pro tools

So, what did you do over the Dead White Guy/Oppression of Native People holiday weekend? (What? You had to work on Monday? You should try to get one of those government gigs, man...)

I took advantage of the extra time to finally get off my ass and write the weblog tool I've been thinking about and mouthing off about forever. Actually, it only really took me Saturday; I pissed yesterday away down a hole, and today was devoted to catching up on all the stuff I've been ignoring -- and I didn't quite finish.

But anyway, I've now got something that sort of looks like a piece of really, really primitive weblog software. And I've got a plan, which should get it to the point where it's only really primitive. And that's progress.

See the ugly duckling over on the dot-com site. Pound on it. Let me know how it breaks -- and try to leave the comments over there instead of here. (Unless the comment is something like "hey, comments are b0rken, jackass!") Thanks.