avoidably detained

Uh, sorry 'bout that. I really did mean to be back here not too long after writing the previous entry, but then I got a message reminding me that I started teaching the next day, which disrupted my schedule a bit, and then there was the small matter of a hurricane, and well, here we are, not quite a week later.

So, the bookmark bin is one week bigger (getting out of control, truth be told), and I've made time in my schedule to update here, and yet I've been procrastinating all day, avoiding the blog. My current procrastination tactic, of course, is trying to figure out why I'm procrastinating. Never put off today what you can delay dealing with until tomorrow, and all that.

After pondering for a bit, there are a couple of reasons why I haven't been in here as much as in the part. Part of it is just a cyclical low in my blogdrive, something that's happened periodically for the five years I've been doing this. (Yep, Genehack was five this August.) Part of it is that it feels like I don't have the time to spend writing lengthy, well-reasoned posts -- and part of that is a dissatisfaction with the 'quickie' mode that I've adopted recently, more than anything else. A goodly part of it is a cyclical high in my unhappiness with MovableType; that tool and I just don't fit each other very well. I feel like the only thing I have to show for my year of trying to fit into the MT harness are these annoying saddle sores. I've got some notes towards a tool that would mix some WikiNature into my blog workflow (Not A New Idea, by any means); maybe I'll try to convert those into something intelligible in a subsequent entry. I'm thinking I might get more excited about doing stuff around here if I just went off in the woods for a while (metaphorically speaking) and built some new tools more suited to my work style. (The alternative? Quit whinging and just fix the comment template already...)

So, realistically, what's going to happen? Work isn't going to dip below 50 hours a week any time soon. I'm teaching until the middle of next month. At the best of times, I probably average 10 hours a week "free" time, which works out to two or three periods of time big enough and quiet enough to get real coding work done. I've got a Wiki codebase that I've been hacking on, which provides a starting point. What I'm thinking about doing isn't that difficult; even with the limited time budget, I should be able to have something up and running by the beginning of November, right?