ultra quickies

Need to dash to work, but want to keep my mojo goin'; hence, the ultra quickie: blink, and you'll miss it.

  • Yea! for the Episcopalians, and congratulations to Bishop Robinson. (I'm not sure if "congratulations" is really an appropriate response to bishop-hood, but there you are.) (Oh, and I'm not really sure "bishop-hood" is what you call it when you make somebody a bishop.)
  • Want a Wiki, but don't have a server? Do have that "Windows" OS? Check out Pepys, the "Natural Hypertext Notebook".
  • DreamHost, my other hosting provider, recently set up spam.la. The idea is, when you run into a situation where you need a throwaway email address, but actually need to see the first mail sent to that address (so that you can't use a true throwaway), but don't want to deal with the flood of crap that will show up after the first message, you use "something@spam.la". Then, when mail is sent to that address, it gets displayed on spam.la for all to see. Yeah, it sounds sort of screwy to me too, but it's sort of interesting to look at what's showing up on the page; sort of like the Google Zeitgeist, but more tawdry.
  • Bookmark Keywords, a very cool feature of Mozilla Firebird.