no pithy title, just monday morning quickie-clickie fodder

  • The GAO on government compliance with the Privacy Act: "the government cannot adequately assure the public that all legislated individual privacy rights are being protected." Or, in the words of another, "You have no privacy -- so get used to it!" Bah.
  • It was one hundred Fahrenheit degrees in London on Sunday. Britain has been keeping weather statistics longer than anywhere else in the world, and this is the hottest temperature they've ever seen. I'm surprised this isn't getting more press play, frankly.
  • In other heavy weather news, West Nile cases tripled last week. Could somebody just figure out a way to kill the damn mosquitos already?
  • Google juice: my buddy Rob Garret. Cheers!
  • Those nutty Episcopalians have decided that their Friend in the Sky is okay with blessing same-sex couples. The Friend is still going to rain down hellfire if anybody calls it "marriage", though, so be careful.
  • Cool-looking beta software of the day: MusicMan plugin for Konqueror.
  • Danny O'Brien has the low-down on some post-9/11 changes to visa procedures. Seems like we're asking for quite a bit more information from people. On one hand, I understand the intention. On the other hand, won't the people that this is designed to keep out (you know, the terrorist Bad Guys) just lie on the forms?