monday morning quickieness

  • After several months of hiatus, I've put the webcam back up, so now you can once again enjoy poor-quality grainy jpegs of my seemingly immobile head, interleaved with shots of an empty desk chair, and occasional people shaped blurs! Isn't the 'net just grand?
  • The National Academies of Sciences (really seems like there's too many plurals in there, doesn't it?) has issued a report outlining some recommended changes for the National Institutes of Health. Decrypting the bureaucratese in the NIH response, it seems to boil down to "buzz off". Wouldn't mind seeing the actual report or a pointer to same, should somebody know where to dig that up.
  • Just a reminder: the recent events in Iraq were not, doublescore underline emphatic not about oil. Thanks for your attention.
  • A drawing, by Vernor Vinge, of what the Spiders from A Deepness in the Sky are supposed to look like.
  • "Science Friction" documents the ham-handed and ideologically-driven way the Bush White House has interacted with the American scientific community.

    George W. Bush embodies the modern GOP's attitude toward science. He hails from a segment of the energy industry that, when it comes to global warming, considers science an obstacle to growth. He is strongly partisan, deeply religious, and also tied to evangelical supporters. And, like Reagan, he has refused to endorse the scientific principle of evolution. During the 2000 campaign, a New York Times reporter asked whether he believed in evolution. Bush equivocated, leading the Times to write that he "believes the jury is still out."

  • Maryland to close at end of August. We'll try to get you our new address sometime before that.
  • 16 words, 28 pages -- anybody else getting that "first slow trip circling around the drain" feeling?
  • A Slashdot thread has some clarification on the LPGL/Java thing that went around a week or two ago. (If you look up at the head of the thread, you can see the 'prizog' is the nym of David Turner of the Free Software Foundation.)
  • There's an unofficial patch to bring Xft support to XEmacs. I'm hoping this either gets brought into the mainline quickly, or that the Gentoo maintainer takes matters into hir own hands. Hmm, maybe it's time to file a 'wishlist' level bug report...