mo' quickie, mo' clickie

I cleaned out the bookmark bag on the iBook last night; here is the fruit of the harvest, along with a few other gems. Hopefully something for everybody...

  • Big news yesterday: RedHat sues SCO. 'Bout time. Groklaw cheers from the sidelines; over on linux-elitists, Adam Kessel points out that RedHat is talking declaratory injunction, not preliminary injuction as Groklaw initially said. This morning, there's a correction on Groklaw, saying the same thing. The difference is significant, because a declaratory injunction has more consequences if RedHat wins, and declaratory relief is the route people take when they think the court is more likely to side with them (ObIANAL). The 'whoosh' sound you may have heard around 5pm EST yesterday was SCO stock speculators rushing to put in 'sell' orders.
  • Secret Agent Penguin Man: SuSE gets 'low to moderate' level Common Criteria cert, with an assist from IBM. Win2K has a 'moderate to high' Common Criteria certification, for those of you playing the home version.
  • An old review of Genomic Perl, from Simon Cozens. Doesn't sound like anything I need to pick up right away.
  • TechFocus is trying to organize an HTTP Death Penalty for RIAA and MPAA subnets -- getting people to configure their web servers so that they won't talk to hosts from the RIAA and MPAA subnets. BTW, The 'Death Penalty' term is mine, not theirs, but to me, this sounds exactly like the 'Usenet Death Penalty' that the Usenet Cabal (TINUC) used to threaten (and carried out, in a few cases) to get ISPs to respect the rules of Usenet, such as they are. All sorts of interesting ramifications of starting this particular boulder rolling down hill...
  • Speaking of Usenet, this year marks the tenth anniversary of "Endless September". Why not celebrate with an commemorative tee shirt? (Plus, the shirts are being produced by the author of Gnus, so you're potentially helping to fund the development of the last mail and news client you'll ever use.
  • Speaking of Endless September, somebody forwarded along a pointer to a nice Flash animation that lays out some basic netiquette tips. Next time somebody forwards you an email chain letter, this approach might correct the problem more effectively than calling them an idiot.
  • The past few RISKS Digests have featured a running thread on ID theft, kicked off with some news about the extremely low arrest rate in identity theft cases, followed up by a report on a new Virginia law creating "Identity Theft Passports", designed to help the victims of identity theft, which spawned a followup pointing out that identity thieves could just forge that document too. sigh IDs: Not That Easy.
  • Does your hosting provider have a Wiki? Why not? CornerHost opened the CornerHostWiki yesterday.